D-1 Ambassador Jordan Jahr To Evansville

I just got off the phone with an excited Sean Jahr, Pops of former Lake Travis standout, Jordan Jahr.  Pops had just returned from a 3000 mile sailing trip from New Jersey to Rockport, TX during which he picked up his boat and sailed the Intracoastal Waterway back home to Texas.
While Sean was sailing, Jordan was mulling over his basketball crossroads.  After leading the Air Force Prep team this year against a strong Junior College schedule Jahr decided that actual Academy life was not for him.  So, we put his name back out there in recruiting circles and it’s now official, Jahr is an Evansville Purple Ace.  He’ll join another Central Texas standout (Ned Cox of Converse Judson).  Evansville is a great academic school near the level of Rice.  Congratulations to the Jahr’s
Coach Max & The D-1 Ambassadors Family

Above: Jahr a 6’6″ shooting guard also rebounds the ball very well shown contesting a shot at the Arizona Phoenix Desert Duel.

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