New Orleans D-1 Ambassadors Win Battle Of The South (Jackson, MS)

2011 Post Trevante Drye shown below with the Texas D-1 Ambassadors last summer is now staying closer to home in 2010 and is lacing them up for our crew based in the Crescent City, The New Orleans D-1 Ambassadors, Coached by Greg Holmes.  The talented Junior helped lead his team to the championship at the prestigious Battle of the South Tournament in Jackson, MS.
The New Orleans D-1 Ambassadors are loaded with talent at every position on the court. You can click on the link below (compliments of to see 2012 PG Javon Felix of New Orleans St. Augustine HS one of the best pure points in the country.  Felix gets to the rim when he wants and knows how to deliver the ball to his team mates in order to make them successful.  Felix is being recruited by Texas, as well as every school in the SEC.
D-1 Beat the Mississippi Byram Ballers and then the Arkansas Warriors to go 2-0 in Pool.
Bracket Play
D-1 then beat New Orleans Select and the Bama Boys (AL) in their first two bracket games.
Semi Final
D-1 67 Louisiana Team Xpress 66
New Orleans D-1 Ambassadors 74 Memphis Trailblazers 71

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