Texas 4A & 5A All State Selections

It takes a lot for me to write a negative column, or to call people out.  I’m all for the betterment of basketball in the area and for giving kids additional exposure.  However, after readig the list of TABC All State Players, I began to get a severe case of “red ass”. The Texas Association of Basketball Coaches have recently released their All State list.  First of all, a hearty congratulations go out to all the kids who have achieved this honor. I have no problem with any of the kids and know how hard they work. However,  I had to look through it thoroughly though not once, not twice but three times thinking I’d overlooked San Antonio Lee’s Paul Garnica.  I did not.  I realize it’s tough to narrow any list down to 20 kids per classification but to not have this kid receive this recognition just STINKS.
2010 G Paul Garnica (shown with the Texas D-1 Ambassadors)
I’m aware that many of the coaches outside their respective areas and regions would likely not have seen this young man play.  That’s excusable. I also understand that with Lee missing out on the playoffs the likelihood of him getting additional exposure was also slim.  HOWEVER, this STINKS of cronyism and an old boys network of San Antonio coaches who would rather feed one of their own to the sharks than to give earned recognition.
This is a player who did all the right things; stayed out of trouble, kept his grades in order and carried a San Antonio Lee program on his back for 4 years.  He scored a total of 3012 points and in the process set the career scoring record for the City of San Antonio.  The three preceeding record holders all went on to play professionally, with the latest being San Antonio Spur Devin Brown of West Campus.  In addition he also averaged 7 rebounds and 6 assists. 
Paul, they may have CHEATED you out of your All State honors but they cannot take away your scholarship.  What you really achieved transcends any trinket that can be given to you by others. The effect you had on an entire community will live on in people’s conversations for decades.  As a 5’11” Hispanic player with the chips stacked against him, you overcame the odds and now have countless youngsters in the community playing basketball and wanting to be like Paul Garnica.
The following players from the Cen Tex/South Texas Area were recognized as part of the 4A & 5A All State Teams.  All played for the Texas D-1 Ambassadors at one time or another with the exception of  Bralyn Thomas, David Eads and Zac Karczewsi of Austin Lake Travis.
Donald Dallas                                Austin LBJ
David Eads                                    Austin Lake Travis
Zac Karczewski                            Austin Lake Travis
Jonathon Perry                             Kerrville Tivy
Bralyn Thomas                              Del Valle
J.J. Avila                                       McAllen
Jason Brickman                            San Antonio Clark                   Long Island
Jordan Clarkson                           Converse Wagner                   Tulsa
Cody Doolin                                  Austin Westlake                      San Francisco
J.Mychal Reese                             Bryan
Andre Roberson                            Converse Wagner
*** Reese, a sophomore was selected for the 2nd consecutive year***
Congratulations to all these young men!

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