Texas Basketball Inc. C.O.O. Recovering

Today, Texas Basketball Inc.’s Chief Operating Officer T.J. Garza was involved in a one vehicle rollover near his Liberty Hill, TX home.  Fortunately, his 10 year old Kyle was unscathed but T.J. spent the afternoon undergoing x-rays on his back and a catscan at Round Rock Hospital.  He passed with flying colors and has been released to his wife, Dana’s care.

Anyone who knows T.J. as I do would realize that laughter is the best medicine. Even while under duress and in pain he was cracking jokes.  His wife Dana said that other than scratches, bruises and being covered in mud  (insert joke here) that he’s going to be fine.   Thank God.

We all get involved in our day to day lives and then out of the blue something like this can happen.  It makes me realize that all the silly concerns we have are irrelevent if our families and loved ones are in good health.  I personally wouldn’t know what to do without my best friend and what would his kids do without their daddy?  So, give someone you love a hug, a kind word and tell them you love them.  Nothing’s guaranteed.

Coach Max


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