Texas D-1 Ambassadors In Las Vegas For the Pangos Easter Classic

Why would a team go through the trouble and expense of traversing two time zones to play in a tournament where there are no D-1 college coaches in attendence? The Texas D-1 Ambassadors fortified with 3 of Louisiana’s best touched down Thursday afternoon in Las Vegas today to compete in Dinos Trigonis’ Easter Classic.

The Editor of Full Court Press & Nothin’ But Net Magazine carries a big stick in the West Coast recruiting world as witnessed by the variety of services at his event to evaluate and report back to college coaches. Yours truly was also there, repping the Lone Star State and The Boot (aka Louisiana) coaching the D-1 squad but also taking notes along the way for the Texas/Louisiaina Basketball Report. I got to rap a little with Nike’s West Coast Rep and the ESPN West Coast Editor. They were watching the D-1 Ambassadors intently for their entire first game, and our boys didn’t disappoint them.

With the Big Boys of the grassroots basketball scene watching us intently, the D-1 Ambassadors came out flicking the rock from behin the arc and before you knew it we had a 14-4 lead. We strapped it on shortly after getting off our flights with the hometown Las Vegas Dog Catchers. We’ve played them in the past and just as advertised they were chock full of hard nosed kids who just flat out got after it. On this afternoon we simply shot the ball incredibly well in the first half (as we’re inclined to do) in building a 15 point lead at the half. We’re as good a shooting team as there is in the country, & we are now working on getting tougher with teams who try to bump, intimidate and bully us.

The boys really answered the bell by playing great team defense against a team with quick guards. The scoring was balanced with six players in double figures. 2010 R.J. McGhee of Baton Rouge Istrouma hit 16, 2011 Tre Demps of San Antonio Reagan notched 15, 2011 Tre Drye of Baton Rouge Glen Oaks had 12, 2010 Daniel Alexander had 14, & Cody Doolin of Austin Westlake had 11.

When the Dogcatchers made their scrappy run at us it was the toughness inside of 2010 Conner Kemper & Tre Drye that kept the ship righted as they battled on the boards in a very physical 2nd half and were not intimidated. The final score was Texas D-1 Ambassadors 86 Las Vegas Dogcatchers 73

Uncharacteristically we missed several dunks in the game, but the kids did a great job considering we had just gotten off an airplane. We’ll have fresh legs today as we all got in bed at 10:30 last night (Old Coach Max too!) and will do our best to hold it down as several of the West Coast’s top programs lay in wait for us.


Texas D-1 Ambassador Harris Davee Wins National Championship

Texas D-1 Ambassador Class of 2007 redshirt Freshman Harris Davee of Austin Lake Travis won a National Championship this March as part of the Richland Junior College (TX) Division III Junior College basketball team.

Davee was one of our hardest working players over the years and without a doubt was one of our toughest defenders. A physical, hardnosed guard who was unselfish and hardnosed. Congratulations to Harris and his Family!
Richland won the 2009 Division III NJCAA National Championship on March 14, in New York. They beat No. 7-ranked Mass Bay Community College 67-47, No.2-ranked Hudson Valley Community College 59-57, and finally No.1-ranked Minneapolis Community College 58-57 to take the Title.
Throughout the tournament Richland College played 12-13 guys a game while the Thunderducks opponents played only eight to nine. That made the difference said Coach Jon Felment, and when asked if he could sum up this team and season he added, “Four words…… one family, one goal.” “We were very talented. We had good guards and good posts. The biggest thing is how close the boys were”

R.I.P. Danny Steele (1957-2009)

Thanks to all of you for your support last week, as I came to grips with the loss of a dear friend. Forgive me for neglecting my blog during this past week.

All to soon at the age of 51, My Lord Jesus Christ called my friend Danny Steele home. A rare guy who lived by a ‘Code’ of fairness, decency, integrity & respect that is rarely found today. He always found a way to make others laugh and was a great friend to my son and me.
He’ll be missed by many as his funeral procession showed. Acknowledged as one of the best in the business of restoring vintage automobiles his fellow members of the San Antonio Gear Grinders Auto Club led the hearse to his final resting place behind close to 100 of the beautiful projects he had helped restore. It was quite a sight and tribute. He was buried in San Antonio this Thursday where he received a full military burial…Coach Max