Pump N Run Elite (CA) 87 Texas D-1 Ambassadors 84

We lost a tough game against a quality team today, but it left a bad taste in our mouths. Already 3 men short because of flight problems due to the weather we proceeded to almost immediately lose D.J. Stephens to a severe ankle sprain & Jonathan Perry who was taken to the hospital with an eye injury. We were saddled with 3 other guys having 4 fouls, and despite all that almost tied it at the end. The kids showed grit, but now we’ll have to totally change our style of play offensively and defensively (switching to a zone which I generally abhor) in order to survive and advance in the tournament. We play later today at 4PM against the New Mexico Lobos (NM).

Paul Garnica 18
Tre Demps 17
Daniel Alexander 12
Cody Doolin 12
Conner Kemper 9
D.J. Stephens 5
Jake Kocher 4
Mark Nwakamma 4
Jonathan Perry 3


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